1-2-3 Chocolate Cornflakes Cookies

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The 24th is right around the corner and for everyone looking for a last minute cookie recipe, I have the simple, fast and chocolaty solution right here: 3 ingredient cornflakes cookies in only 3 simple steps and NO baking required! Just 1. Melt, 2. Mix, 3. Mount and you are done!

Or would you rather prefer some Vanilla Crescents or Rum Truffles or Gingerbread or Coconut Macaroons or Buttered Bread Cookies?

Let’s start ba…making cookies!

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The cookie that wished it was buttered bread and it became true… somewhat

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img_8234cut20 more days until Christmas – 20 days of hot chocolate, cookies, family time and contemplation. The baking frenzy continues and today I am sharing a rather unusual cookie recipe with you: buttered bread. You heard right – butter, bread and cookie! And no, I am not a carzy person (… not more tha ever for that matter). 🙂

These small Christmas cookies might be called buttered bread and might look like bread with butter spread on top, but deep inside there lies a secret. In reality, what looks like bread with butter are small chocolate cookies with a yellow sugar glaze on top that only resembles butter, but really is not. They are an all time favorite at our house and mustn’t be missed during Christmas time.

So if you feel daring this Christmas, why not try these delicious cookies, surprise your family and friends and enjoy the chocolaty goodness. ❤

Or would you rather prefer some Vanilla Crescents or Rum Truffles or Gingerbread or Coconut Macaroons or Chocolate Cornflakes Cookies?

Let’s start baking!

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When coconuts kiss – Coconut Macaroons

Österr FlaggegroßaufnahmePersonally, nothing gets me more into Christmassy mood than baking cookies while listening to Christmas tunes on my old radio. It’s lovely. This year I started my baking off with these lovely golden cookies.

“Kokosbusserl” or Coconut Macaroons were among my very favorite kinds of christmas cookies when I was still a child. I loved the wafer underneath, the airiness in the middle and the strong taste of coconutty goodness with every bite.

Today I also appreciate that making coconut macaroons is a great way to use up all the egg whites that are leftover when making Vanilla Crescents or Buttered Bread Cookies.

These cookies are so easy and fast to make, you will never waste an egg white again!

Or would you rather prefer some Buttered Bread Cookies or Vanilla Crescents or Gingerbread or Rum Truffles or Chocolate Cornflakes Cookies?

Let’s start baking!

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How to astonish your friends with great yet simple cake designs

Österr Flaggezweimal schokoHello to all my fellow bakers out there!

Today I would like to show you three easy but amazing cake designs that you can use to pimp your next cake. I have made all three of them with my “I ❤ cookies” – Triple Chocolate Cake recipe that I shared with you in my last post, because everyone has been asking for chocolate lately. But of course any other recipe will work just as fine. 😉

No matter if you prefer healthy fruits, gravity defying candy or golden fondant, there is something for everyone and they all taste equally delicious!

Let’s start decorating!

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“I love Cookies” – Triple Chocolate Cake

Österr Flaggekrümeltorte TOPThis cake is very special to me, because I made it for an extraordinary occasion. Beneath all this sweet candy goodness is my out of the world chocolate cake filled with milk chocolate ganache and coated with dark chocolate ganache – triple chocolate power. 🙂

The occasion: Exactly 9 weeks ago, on the 25. October 2015, 9 little puppies, lovingly called cookie crumbs, were born in the kennel Whippets of Classy Styrian of Ulrike und Markus. I was allowed to be part of it and even help. Of course, their birth had to be celebrated with a special cake and what topper could have fitted better than an “I ❤ cookies”-velcro-badge for a doggie harness? 😉

Since all the puppies were named after some sort of candy (Candy Cane, Cookie Dough, Chunky Monkey, Cookie Crusher, Coco Oreo, Chocolate Chip, Caramel Chew Chew, Coffee Toffee und Cini Mini), it was soon clear that every one of those little sweeties was to be represented on the cake by their respective candy, which explains why the cake is seperated into 9 parts.

krümeltorte seiten
From left to right: chocolate chip cookies for Chocolate Chip, crumble as Cookie Dough, toffifee for Coffee Toffee, oreos for Coco Oreo, cini mini für Cini Mini, chocolate bananas for Chunkey Monkey, candy canes made of fondant for Candy Cane, caramel for Caramel Chew Chew und crushed cookies for Cookie Crusher!

krümeltorte obenToday almost all the puppies moved into their new homes and start exploring the world with their great new families. And finally, I came around to share this fantastic deathy-by-chococlate cake recipe with you on my blog.

Let’s start baking!


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How to Bake and Decorate Gingerbread Cookies!

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IMG_3603 Titel

Finally, it’s this time of the year again – Christmas time! The most jolly time of the year, so they say… and I kinda agree, ’cause I love Christmas! ❤

I really enjoy it when it smells like cinnamon and vanilla everywhere in the house and I can drink hot cocoa and eat cookies without feeling childish. So as soon as I can see the first snowflakes silently fall outside my window, I immediately start my little christmas bakery. And that’s when it’s this time of the year again for me!

Anja from Food Freshion started a nice blog event this christmas called “So schmeckt der Advent” (~”The Taste of Christmas”). Verena from We Are Stardust, the girls from Vienna Fashion Waltz and I were chosen to participate and each of us four will share one of our favorite christmas recipes with you on a Sunday before Chistmas to sweeten up the time till Santa arrives…

Adventblogevent_Rechteck_großI will start the event off today:

And because there is no Christmas without gingerbread, that’s what my post will be all about.

The recipe is from a friend’s mother (thank you for sharing it with me <3, so I can share it with the world) and I have never used another recipe ever again. It is oh so easy (just throw everything into the mixing bowl of your stand mixer, let it rest and you are ready to go) and it also tastes amazing, so why change a winning team. 🙂

Or would you perfer some Vanille Crescents or Vanille Coconut Rum Truffles or Coconut Macarons or Buttered Bread Cookies or Chocolate Cornflakes Cookies instead?

Let’s start baking!

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Douffins – Donut Muffins

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IMG_4272In time for the weekend, here now the promised instructions on how to make Douffins aka Muffnuts! 😉 I got the recipe for this hybrid dessert, which combines the look and fluffiness of a muffin with the taste of Cinnamon Sugar Donuts, from the lovely Küchenmeedchen and it really is worth a try.

These yummy treats even were the reason for a lawsuit in the US. 😯Muffnut Yoda 2

So if you too, like me, have a hard time choosing whenever you are standing in front of a dessert wagon, then fear no longer for never decide between fluffy muffins and sugary doughnuts again you must!

Or are you in the mood for Cuppuddings – cupcakes with pudding filling and frosting? Click!

IMG_4293cutDouffins are made super fast and easily and they still taste good after even a week (a bit crunchy on the outside, but pure deliciousness inside ;-))! ❤

Let’s start baking!

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