The first step is always the hardest…

Österr Flagge

Vanillecupcakes mit Buttercreme und frischen Himbeeren
My very first attempt at making cupcakes

Welcome to baketastic baking with Backdirndl,

I am Backdirndl (German for baking girl) and I have enjoyed baking all my life, but it only really got crazy in September 2013 – ever since then I officially belong to the Bakeholics Anonymous.

Joy and Sorrow equally derive from my passion for baking – Joy to see all my friends and family indulging themselves blissfully in my cakes and pies,     but Sorrow that my wallet just never seems to be able to satisfactorily finance all the equipment that is slowly but surely filling up my flat. 🙂

This blog shall inspire those who might just need a little last push, it shall provide recipes and instructions that taste wonderful and really work and it shall give the advice that I so often would have needed.

May all you bakeholics out there, as you stumbled over my blog, find what you were looking for and may my experience mean your success.

Have fun baking and I wish you all a baketastic baking day,

Your Backdirndl


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