DIY Christmas Presents

Österr FlaggeIMG_3009This year I decided to make all my Chistmas presents myself – DIY Style, because I really like the personal touch!

I chose two simple and time-saving DIY-projects to give to my family and friends as a present and totally did it myself!.

In case you are finding yourself in need of a super-last-minute present right now, you may be looking at the solution right now.

The egg liqueur of missheartmade and the body scrub of Cadika-beautyblog functioned as my inspiration, allthough I did change the recipes around quite a bit.

See for yourself how my presents turned out…

Let’s start preparing gifts!

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Speculoos Cupcake with Cinnamon Apple Filling

Österr Flagge

IMG_2989 cutThis cupcake combines the taste of speculoos cookies with yummy apple filling to form an amazing winterdessert.

Anyone who likes apple and cinnamon will love these cupcakes! ❤

Of course, you can make the cupcakes without the filling (if you are running short in time), but the cinnamon apple filling is just sooo perfect with these miniature cakes..

I will serve these delicious cupcakes for Christmas this year!

IMG_2978cutLet’s start baking!

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No-Bake Vanilla Coconut Rum Truffles

Österr FlaggekugelturmChristmas cookies – baking, baking and even more baking,

but wait, the recipe for these delicious Vanilla Coconut Rum Truffles does not require any baking!?!

Yes, indeed! They are “No-Bake Vanilla Coconut Rum Truffles” – it’s as easy as it can get and oh so, tasty!

1 bowl, 2 spoons and 30 minutes (plus resting time) is everything you’ll need! 1…          2…                        3 … and these cookies are ready to serve!

I got this recipe from the best aunt in the whole wide world (xoxox <3), because it actually is her grandma’s recipe and if it has outlasted the last 4 generations, then it sure must be fantastic, doesn’t it?

Or would you rather prefer some Vanilla Crescents or Gingerbread Cookies or Coconut Macarons or Chocolate Cornflakes Cookies or Buttered Bread Cookies?

Let’s start baking, err, preparing! 

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“The Hobbit” Arkenstone Cupcake

Österr FlaggeIMG_2822The last part of the Hobbit series (The Battle of the Five Armies) has started in Austrian cinemas on Wednesday and I cannot wait to finally see it. Since today is THE day and I am not going to fail my own tradition, I am able to share with you the perfect Hobbit MovieMunchies, which I am going to snack on later. 😀

The Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug was all about the journey to the Lonely Mountain and finding the legendary Arkenstone. But what is going to happen with the mysterious gem?

The secret will hopefully be revealed in the movie, but for the moment being, we will simply put that precious white jewel on a bed of gold coins (just as in the movie) on top of a delcious Cupcake and create an Arkenstone Cupcake! Ta-da! 😛arkensteinTIP: You can use the same techniques to make any kind of treasure (eg pirates’ treasure, tresaure chest, claudron of gold)! 😉

And since Hobbits are skilful farmers and love to eat directly off their fields, there is a Carrot Cake Cupcake hidden underneath this treasure. Don’t worry about the flavor, the carrot and pineapple pieces only add the needed succulency to your cupcakes, while they taste heavenly nutty and sligtly Christmasy, which makes them the perfect treat for the season.

Let’s start baking!

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Grandma’s Vanilla Crescents – a Traditional Family Recipe

Österr FlaggeIMG_2265cutDecember has arrived! Christmas is right around the corner and finally we can start our Christmas baking. The oven feels nice and warm as it heats up and only waits for us to give it some work. The smell of cinnamon, ginger and vanilla fills the air and one can’t help but feel … jolly. Suddenly, the seventh repetition of “Last Christmas” blarring from the radio doesn’t bother you anymore and the red sweater with the reindeers on it seems like a perfectly suitable item of clothing. And when the first snowflakes fall and magically silence the noise of the city and you are holding a steaming cup of hot cocoa in your hands, the only thing missing are the perfect homemade Vanilla Crescents that your grandma used to bake.

I cannot imagine a single Christmas without my grandma’s tradiditional Vanilla Crescents that are so moist and yet crumbly they simply melt in your mouth. To me, they belong to Christmas just like the tree and the lights and the punch and well, the presents.

Or would you rather prefer some Vanilla Coconut Truffles or Gingerbread Cookies or Coconut Macarons or Buttered Bread Cookies or Chocolate Cornflakes Cookies?

Let’s start baking!

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“Paddington” Marmelade Cupcake

Österr Flagge

vergleich comic
Paddington Bear

A new MovieMunchies-Post: Yesterday, the film Paddington was theatrically released in Austria. Everyone who, just like me, grew up with this sweet little bear from darkest Peru, knows about his love for marmelade. So to honor my bedtime story hero, I created a Double Chocolate Cupcake (chocolate batter and frosting) with Sevilla Orange Marmalade Center that doesn’t only look like Paddington, but would surely be to his utmost liking. Beary delicious! 🙂

PS: This piping technique works for any kind of bear and if you are not as big of a fan of orange marmelade as Paddington Bear is, you can simply substitute it with apricot jam. 😉

Let’s start baking!

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