The true difference between a Muffin and a Cupcake

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What really is the difference between a cupcake and a muffin?

In case you too are wondering what the real difference is, but can’t find a satisfying answer online or if you coincidentally landed on this page and now you are curious –

Here is your answer, short and sweet:

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liebster award 2Hello!

Today’s post will NOT include a recipe. 8-0 Unusual, I know, but I was given the “Liebster-Award” (=”Sweetheart-Award”) by littlenecklessmonsterfood (THANK YOU!) and when your are bestowed such an honor upon, an unusual post is the least you can do…. :-).

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2-ingredient-recipe: Banana Cookies

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IMG_2343Today, I want to introduce to you the favorite recipe of my fitness loving boyfriend: 2-Ingredient-Banana-Cookies!

Actually, these aren’t real cookies but a kind of granola-fruit-bar in cookie disguise. The taste and look of these cookies always reminds me of the fruit bars by SchneeKoppe. I read the recipe for the first time on the “The Burlap Bag” Blog.

Well, my boyfriend absolutely digs these cookies, which are made of only two natural ingredients, namely bananas and oats (and I usually toss some raisins in as well) and are probably the healthiest cookies one can make! ❤

I’ve been baking these cookies every week since July because my boyfriend loves eating them before (to give him a fast energy boost) and after (to refill his energy storage) his gym sessions. And since my new year’s resolution for 2015 is to go to the gym more regularly (or at all :-D), I will simply make double the amount now…

So, if you are in search of a fast recipe for healthy cookies that need only 2 ingredients, which you might already have at home, you can stop looking. 😉

Or would you make your own Protein Bars as trainingssnack?

Let’s start baking!

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New Year’s Chocolate Lemon Curd Cake coated with Meringue

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The New Year’s celebration at my aunt’s house was a blast and in good old Backdirndl fashion, I contributed the dessert for the evening. With this fantastic cake, 2015 is bound to be tasty ! ❤

At this point, I would like to take the chance and thank all of you followers and facebook-likers for reading my blog, liking it and leaving me comments! ❤ You have shown me that it was the right decision to start this blog in 2014 and you motivate me to keep on baking and to try out new things!

THANK YOU! I am overwhelmed! Y’all are baketastic!

IMG_3085cutBack to baking business! – which I am IMG_3094cutway better at than showing you my deep and honest gratitude. Since it finally snowed here in Austria, I decided on coating my cake in snowwhite meringue and beneath it is delicious chocolate cake and lemon curd filling. Enough of those words…

Let’s start baking!

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