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liebster award 2Hello!

Today’s post will NOT include a recipe. 8-0 Unusual, I know, but I was given the “Liebster-Award” (=”Sweetheart-Award”) by littlenecklessmonsterfood (THANK YOU!) and when your are bestowed such an honor upon, an unusual post is the least you can do…. :-).

For me, the year 2014 was more than overwhelming in so many positive and yes, also negative ways.

However when it comes to my blog, I can hardly believe my luck. Never in a million years would I have expected to receive so much friendly and encouraging feedback from all of you or to get more than 1.300 Likes on Facebook (wasn’t it my goal to reach 100?). 😎liebster award 3

And now, in 2015, my life is continuing to be amazing because I have been awarded the “Sweetheart-Award”!

Again a huge, Huge, HUGE thank you to littlenecklessmonsterfood because it means so much to me that she thought of me. 😀

Alright: What is the “Sweetheart-Award”?

The “Sweetheart-Award” is a great opportunity for young bloggers to support each other. You get nominated by a fellow blogger and asked 11 questions. These questions are to be answered and then, in turn, you select other blogs, you like, for the award. And maybe the one or other discovers the one or other blog he/she likes!

It’s a baketastic idea, isn’t it?

What are the rules?

  • Link the person that nominated you in your post
  • Answer the 11 questions you are asked
  • Nominate 5 to 11 other bloggers (that have less than 200 followers) for the award
  • Ask your nominees 11 new questions

So, now here my 11 questions as asked by littlenecklessmonsterfood:

1) How do you celebrate the New Year?

Every year I tell myself, ” Next New Year’s Eve we’ll take it easy and celebrate just the two, or three, of us!” and every year things turn out different than we had planned. 🙂 Traditionally, my family and I celebrated at our friends’ house, which has the perfect view over whoooleee Graz, again this year. Delicious food (every guest prepares one dish, and I, of course, made the New Year’s cake) and great conversations – basically the perfect way to celebrate the New Year! However, I think that next year “we’ll take it easy and celebrate just  as a pair!” … 😀

2) Do you have a New Year’s resolution?

Yes! As everyone who read my 2-ingredient-banana-cookie blog post knows, my resolution for 2015 is to got to the gym more often. One, because I’actually like sports and two, because I did a really good job at paying my membership in 2014, but a not so very good one at actually using it!

3) Do you want to make any changes/improvements to your blog this year or start any new projects?

I think that my blog is still a bit young for real changes (I am open for suggestions though) but I have dozens of new projects in my head that I am excited to share with you in the course of 2015:

  • fondant covered cakes
  • comparison between a muffin and a cupcake
  • many more MovieMunchies posts (Ninja Turtles, Asterix and Obelix, Divergent, Tinkerbell, Baymax, Jurrassic World, Lorax)
  • buttercream and chocolate transfers
  • a bazillion delicious recipes (Tiramisu Cupcake, banana bread, dessert pizza, baking with protein powder, more 2/3-ingredient-recipes)
  • and … and … and …

4) What is your motto?

Live life to the fullest TODAY – tomorrow isn’t promised!

5) Since when are you a blogger?

13. November 2014

6) What serves you as an inspiration?

In time of the internet, inspiration is all around us – twitter, instagram and facebook are full of awesome cakes and creative bakers. My main inspiration, however, is and will always be my granny <3, who had always loved to bake and had shared that passion with me. Of course, I also get inspiration from other bloggers (such as iambaker, kuchenfeelisa, butterundzucker, diewunderbareweltdertorten, diebackprinzessin, bakerella and many others), amazing bakers (such as Peggy Poschen, Gesine Bullock-Prado, Shawna McGreevy, Lindy Smith) and my secret second home, America (with its cupcakes, cake pops, whoppie pies & co).

7) What do you like most about blogging?

I love that it gives me the opportunity to share my hobby with so many wonderful people and I am grateful for the friendships that evolve around it.

8) In 2014, what was your greatest blogging moment?

Since I just started in 2014 ,the greatest thing for me was to see soooo many people (first of all my boyfriend and family, my great friend Ulrike of ClassyWhippets  and Susi of Susi’s Sweetest) supporting me and my blogging plans and making all this possible! You rock! And the icing on the cake was the feedback I got for my “Hunger Games”-Cupcake. I felt ovewhelmed that so many people read and liked that post. Thank you!

9) Describe your blog in 3 words.


10) What do you do in your free time other than blogging?

When I am not baking, thinking about baking, writing about baking or annoying my boyfriend by talking about baking, I am most likely spending time with my dog.

liebster award - meine wutze
pic 1: My first dog “Keeda” – my sweet lil’ princess. pic 2: Apollo aka Bear (our guest dog, who will be trained to be an assistence dog)

Dogs are my life ever since I can remember. I just love these sweet, loving, and cuddly animals. I know that there are people out there who believe that they can live without dogs but I just can’t help to think that they are mistaken. 😛 What would life be like without standing in the pouring rain with your rain boots on? What would life be like without having muddy paw prints all over your new clothes after 5 minutes of wearing them? What would life be like without having dog poop bags in every single purse and pocket? What would life be like without seeing Luna’s owner more often than my best friend? I don’t know and I don’t want to know! 😀

11) Last but not least: Have you gotten to know any new people via blogging and/or met any fellow bloggers in person yet?

Yes, I have gotten to know A LOT of baketastic new people. Sadly, I have not had the chance to meet any of them in person yet. However, at the cake conventions this year (in January, April and September) I hope to be able to do so.

I nominate:

I have already made her Strawberry Rolled Cake and it was delicious!

Love, Life and Dogs – a fantastic blog for dog owners and lovers! In this post of hers I am even mentioned. :-*

On facebook, Miri is already a downright pro but her blog is relatively new and a MUST SEE for every bakeholic!

Rebecca has just started her blog, but her name caught me right away! Burger, fries and unicorns – I am all in! ❤

Karen is also still at the very beginning. Her post on tulle is just about written for me. I love tulle! ❤

Anyone, who has read my post about DIY Christmas Presents, already knows Lilli.Emma and her blog, because I got the idea for making homemade eggnog from her page. There are many more great ideas and recipes for DIY projects on her page! Absoluetly Amazing!

Almost did I forget to nominate Miss Gliss (love the name <3) and I hope she will forgive me, because she was one of the first people to give me a Like on my blog! Go and check out her page!

My 11 questions for you:

  1. ) How did you come up with the name for your blog?
  2. ) When did you start blogging?
  3. ) What was the title of your first blog post (welcome-posts excluded)?
  4. ) What do you blog about? And why?
  5. ) What is your goal for your blog till the end of 2015?
  6. ) If you had to choose one item from your wardrobe that you can’t live without, what would it be?
  7. ) Do you prefer Dogs or Cats?
  8. ) Do you prefer Summer or Winter?
  9. ) What’s your favourite movie?
  10. ) If someone could show you the future, would you like to know it? Why/Why not?
  11. ) If I had one wish, …

That’s it for now and soon there will be a new blog post WITH recipe!

I hope that all my nominees will have fun with their questions and I wish you all a baketastic baking day,

Your Backdirndl


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