“Baymax” Sweet Table – Marshmallow-Baymax

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CollageI have always wanted to do a Sweet Table with an animation movie theme and I finally used the movie “Big hero 6” as an opportunity to do so. I can now proudly present to you my Tofifee Cupcakes, Everything Coconut Cake and marshmallow figures in the style of the robot from the movie, “Baymax”! 😀

These Marshmallow-“Baymax”-figures are my super simple, completely edible MovieMunchies idea:

IMG_3401 vglThese Marshmallow-robots can be made childishly simpel and fast out of less than 5 marshmallows… As decoration, for snack-time or as tinkering-project for the little ones – these sweet fellows are fun for everyone! 😀


Let’s start BAYMAking! 🙂

For 1 Baymax you will need:IMG_3389 ingredients

  • 2 Jumbo-Marshmallows
  • 1 Classic-Marshmallow
  • 2 Mini-Marshmallows
  • black food coloring pen
  • (maybe wooden skewer)

1 Jumbo-Marshmallow will function, as it is, as Baymax’s body.

Take the 2. Jumbo-Marshmallow and cut 2x 1cm wide arms lengthwise off the marshmallow using scissors or a sharp knife. Stretch out the sticky side of the arms and attach them to the body.

IMG_3390Take the 2 Mini-Marshmallows and cut off one thin slice of the top of each marshmallow. Use this sticky side for adhering the marshmallow-feet on the front bottom side of the body.

Now cut off a bit of the side of your Classic-Marshmallow-head and attach it at the front top of the body . You can either position your marshmallow-head sideways and cut it into a bit of an oval shape or you can position it with the round side to the front. Lastly, draw the face onto your head using the food coloring pen and perhabs poke a wooden skewer into the middle and halfway through the body.

Your own Marshmallow-“Baymax” is done and ready to eat!

Tip:  If the whole cutting off pieces of the feet and head is too sticky for you, you can use sugar glue or molten chocolate instead to adhere the body parts!

Have a baketastic baking day,

Your Backdirndl

IMG_3398 cut


REVIEW: Last Friday (6.2.2015), my boyfriend and I finally got to see “Big hero 6″ at the movies. I’d seen the trailer over a year ago and had been excited to see it every since…

kartenWe sneaked our “Baymax” Toffifee Cupcakes and Marshmallow “Baymaxes” in to the movie hall in my handbag, each carying popcorn and drinks (just to be on the safe side – we didn’t want to run out of snacks :-D) in our hands!

The short movie “Feast” was already very cute. It’s about a Boston Terrier that overcomes his love for tasty food to porve his loyalty to his owner. I think I can predict that Boston Terrier Breeders will have no problems selling their pups in 2015!

Back to business:

In the beginning, “Big hero 6″ is a little bit too sad for my tasting and it is quite difficult to put oneself in the main figure’s shoes, because Hiro Hamada, a 14-year-old Asian super brain who visits university at the age of 14, is not exactly like most of us. However, with the appearance of the cuddly robot Baymax the movie hits it right off. Extremely humorous (Fistbump – “Balalalala….”), the movie offers a suprise turn in the middle and a somewhat unexpected ending.

I am thrilled – some of the jokes still make me giggle and the fistbump has turned into a running gag between my boyfriend and me.

It is true that the characters are rather underdeveloped and the moral of the story is a bit boring (“Heal, don’t Harm!”), but I like that the movie focuses so much on Baymax and his jokes are hilarious.

At the end, the movie basically promises a sequal and that makes me hope for “Big hero 6 – 2″ in 2016.

Conclusion: Lovable and funny – “Big hero 6″ is sure to delight and amuse the whole family (even the teenagers)!

4 of 5 fistbumps


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