Raspberry Lemon Curd Cake

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IMG_3283 cutI was asked to bake the birthday cake for my brother-in-law-to-be (Beware: Horde of dashes!). It should taste like lemon and raspberry, just like my Raspberry Lemon Cupcakes (recipe will follow :-)). Since I didn’t want to throw the raspberries directly into the batter and a simple lemon sponge with raspberry buttercream seemed uninspired, I created this fresh, fruity and slightly sour summer cake. This cake will give you a warm summer feeling on any cold winter day! 😀

The cake consists of 6 layers of fluffy vanilla sponge that is alternatingly filled with 3 layers of homemade Lemon Curd and 2 layers of fruity raspberry jam. Finally, the cake is coated with simple Meringue Frosting (the birthday boy’s favorite frosting) that goes so perfectly with the intense flavours of the cake.

I had to learn the hard way that the transportation of wobbly cakes is a tricky business with my New Year’s Chocolate Lemon Curd Cake but now it paid off because this time I used a Bubble Tea Straw to stabalize my cake and it made it to the party in one piece and unharmed.

The cake was crazy popular with all the birthday party guests because the flavors complement each other so well. I can’t wait to bake this cake again! 😛

IMG_3284 anja pic
Photograph by Anja of Food Freshion – tasty recipes for those special nom-nom-moments in life!

Let’s start baking!

For the batter (enough to make 1 cake round Ø 20cm) you will need:

  • 220g butter, softenedIMG_3216 eng
  • 220g sugar
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 4 eggs, M
  • 2 tbsp milk
  • 220g flour
  • 8g baking powder

!Important!: For this cake with its 6 layers, you will need 2 cake rounds. Therefore you need double the amount of batter as stated above. You may either make and bake the batter in two turns or if possible, you simply double the amount and bake two cakes at the same time.

Once you have all the ingredients and equipment ready, line your baking pans (I used 2 cake rings with Ø 16cm) with parchment paper and turn your oven to 390°Fahrenheit/200°Celsius air circulation (430°Fahrenheit/ 220°Celsius bottom and top heat).

Lining baking pans? If you do not know what this means, check it out here!

This cake is simple and easy to make.

Combine butter, sugar, vanilla and salt in a bowl and beat until light and fluffy using a hand mixer. Whisk eggs and milk in a seperate bowl and slowly pour into the butter mixture bowl beating vigorously. Lastly, fold in the flour until the batter is smooth.

IMG_3218Divide the batter evenly among your two baking pans (ca. 950g per pan) and bake for ca. 50 minutes (perhabs turn the baking tray aroundIMG_3231 after 27 minutes).

Generously soak the cakes’ tops (allow 10 minutes to rest, then turn over) and bottoms with syrup (syrup recipe down below, as usual this step is optional).

My cakes baked pretty evenly and were ca. 5cm high. Before cutting each cake round into 3 layers ca. á 1,7cm each, cut off the crust IMG_3232(top or bottom) of each cake! I did not know to do it then and therefore there is this unpleasant brown line in the middle of my cake, where the top crust of the bottom cake and the bottom crust of my top cake meet (learning never stops).

How to cut a cake into layers is further described here (just scroll down a bit).

For the syrup (optional!) you will need:

  • 60g water
  • 60g sugar
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Bring water and sugar to a boil. As soon as all the sugar granules have dissolved and the syrup has slightly thickened, set the syrup aside. Once the syrup has cooled down a bit, stir in the vanilla extract. Done!

For the Lemon Curd you will need:IMG_3027 eng

  • 4 eggs, whole
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 320g sugar
  • 160g butter
  • 4 lemons, juice and zests

Add 4 whole eggs and 4 egg yolks (the 4 egg whites will be used for the frosting) to a large metal bowl and whisk with the hand mixer until foamy, then slowly add the sugar.

Now set the bowl onto a slightly smaller pot filled with simmering water (-double boiler). Add the butter, lemon zests and juice and stir until the curd is of a bright yellow color and slightly thickened (lemon curd used as cake filling really cannot be too enough). Lastly, press the curd through a fine sieve to remove the zests. Done!

Allow the curd to completely cool in the fridge and reach it’s final consistency (the curd will continue to thicken while it cools).


Once the 6 cake layers are cut and the lemon curd has cooled, you can begin to put it all together:

  • 6 cake layers
  • Lemon Curd
  • raspberry jam of good quality

IMG_3257 layeringAdhere the first cake layer (crust facing downwards) to your cake board or plate using a small blob of buttercreme (10g butter combined with 15g powdered sugar), so it cannot slide off later.

Spread 1/3 of the curd onto your first layer of cake (do not spread all the way to the brim – the following layers will naturally push the filling outwards). Put a cake ring around your first cake layer to secure everything in place). Now put the second cake layer on top and spread a thin layer of jam across it. The third cake layer is again topped with 1/3 of the lemon curd. Another, the fourth, cake layer and one more time jam follows. Then comes the fifth cake layer and the last 1/3 of the curd. Lastly, place the last cake layer (crust facing upwards) on top.

As soon as all 6 cake layers, 3 lemon curd layers and 2 jam layers are done, refrigerate your cake while you make the Meringue Frosting

For the Meringue Frosting  you will need:

  • 4 egg whites (leftover from the curd)IMG_3070 eng
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 400g sugar
  • 2-3 lemons, juice + water so you have 100g of liquid
  • 2 pkg raspberries for decoration

Using a hand mixer, beat the egg whites combined with the pinch of salt until soft peaks form. Slowly add the sugar beating on high. Then add the lemon juice. Now use a double boiler (to dissolve all sugar granules and kill possibe germs) and continue beating until the meringue is hot to the touch, white and forms stiff peaks.

Take the cake out of the fridge and remove the cake ring. You can either use a spatula to simply spread the frosting onto your cake (as I did with my New Year’s Chocolate Lemon Curd Cake) or you can fill the meringue into a piping bag and pipe thick lines from the bottom to the top all the way around the cake. The top can be smoothed out with a spatula.

IMG_3264 baiserTo stabalize the cake, I stuck a Bubble Tea Straw (a wooden rod would work as well) right through the middle.

Sort the raspberries and arrange as many as possible (they are just too delicious :-P) in circles on top of the cake. Omit the center until you remove the stabilizing straw and only then place raspberries in the middle.

The frosting may be caramalized using a blow torch or left pure and white.


IMG_3273 decorationHave a baketastic baking day,

Your Backdirndl



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