Douffins – Donut Muffins

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IMG_4272In time for the weekend, here now the promised instructions on how to make Douffins aka Muffnuts! 😉 I got the recipe for this hybrid dessert, which combines the look and fluffiness of a muffin with the taste of Cinnamon Sugar Donuts, from the lovely Küchenmeedchen and it really is worth a try.

These yummy treats even were the reason for a lawsuit in the US. 😯Muffnut Yoda 2

So if you too, like me, have a hard time choosing whenever you are standing in front of a dessert wagon, then fear no longer for never decide between fluffy muffins and sugary doughnuts again you must!

Or are you in the mood for Cuppuddings – cupcakes with pudding filling and frosting? Click!

IMG_4293cutDouffins are made super fast and easily and they still taste good after even a week (a bit crunchy on the outside, but pure deliciousness inside ;-))! ❤

Let’s start baking!

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IMG_4253 cutA crisp chocolate shell filled with creamy milk chocolate ganache and a salty center of peanut butter – that’s how the sweet treats pesent themselves and they come pretty close to the American original! They are so tasty, they even turned my peanut butter refusing parents into lovers. 🙂

I fell for ❤ Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups ❤ while I was living in the US for a year when I was 15. You could get them in many different sizes and even as cereal. Yummy! Returning home, also meant no more of the chocolaty treat. Every once in a while, when the craving became unbearable, I would order a package or two of the delicious candy online paying crazy amounts of money. I would guard my treasure with my life and beware if someone wanted to take a bite, because that would set free the predator in me! *fellingashamed*

Why the sweet ‘n salty candy hasn’t reached Europe yet, is a mircale still to be solved, but at least I do not have to rely on expensive shipments anymore for I am simply going to make them myself from now on. 😀

IMG_0022 cutBtw, the idea is from saritiv but I adjusted it some so the center would be rich and creamy. 🙂

Since this was my very first attempt at filling chocolate candy, I am very satisfied with the outcome and if I can do it – you can do it too! 😉

Let’s start baking!

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Pudding Cupcakes – “Cuppuddings” in chocolate and in vanilla

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ZIMG_4140 cutMy family ordered cupcakes as this year’s Easter celebration dessert. 🙂 The cute little cakes are simply irresistable and a big hit among all my friends and relatives. This time, I made all the fondant decorations myself *proudme* because I had taken my very first baking class on April 1 (No joke!) right in time for Easter! I only had to reposition the decorations, which initially set on a cake dummy. 😉

The recipe I used to make these cupcakes is one that I had been thinking about for the longest time but which has only now become tasty reality – a pudding/custard lover’s dream!

It’s a Vanilla Cupcake with Pudding/Custard Filling and to top it all off, with German (Pudding/Custard-)Buttercream Frosting, which, as you already now from this post, is made of even more pudding and some butter – so these tiny Easter cakes are packed with pudding deliciousness, therefore I call them Cuppuddings ! 😉

IMG_4157 innenleben
Green: Vanilla Pudding Filling and German Vanilla Buttercream
Brown: Chocolate Pudding Filling and German Chocolate Buttercream

But seriously… Pudding is amazing – soft yet firm, rich and creamy, and so many different flavors to choose from! Pudding even has its own day on June 26 – National Chocolate Pudding Day! Whoopwhoop! But thinking about it, for me, every day is pudding day! 😀

I already had to bake more of these sweet little Puddingcakes twice since Thursday and even though nobody can decide whether chocolate or vanilla is best, Cuppuddings  have officially turned into a dessert hit within my family! 🙂 Cuppuddings  are fluffy and creamy and light and even have less sugar than most of my other Cupcakes, because the frosting is made with only 100g of sugar. Win-Win!

ZIMG_4148 cutLet’s start baking!

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It’s not tea time without Poppy Seed Bundt Cake (Austrian version)

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ZIMG_3886 cutEaster time is family time… and nothing is better than afternoon tea at my parents’ house! It’s the perfect time to relax, chat and enjoy being together. But tea time wouldn’t really be tea time without cake or cookies… 😀

In the past, my grandma used to bake the delicious pastries or my mom (a devoted non-baker – I ❤ love ❤ her anyways ;-)) used to buy them, but in the last few years, the young generation (-> I <-) took over spatula and whisk, not without cherishing the old recipes however.

The basic recipe to this Austrian Poppy Seed Bundt Cake is from my grandmother on my father’s side, who owned a tiny grocery shop and always had a lot of heavy cream on hand. Whenever she didn’t sell all the cream, she would just whip up this easy bundt cake to spare the cream from going bad. Often, she would also serve sweetened and whipped cream on the side. not exactly low in calories but full of precious childhood memories!

ZIMG_3880 cutLet’s start baking!

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