“I love Cookies” – Triple Chocolate Cake

Österr Flaggekrümeltorte TOPThis cake is very special to me, because I made it for an extraordinary occasion. Beneath all this sweet candy goodness is my out of the world chocolate cake filled with milk chocolate ganache and coated with dark chocolate ganache – triple chocolate power. 🙂

The occasion: Exactly 9 weeks ago, on the 25. October 2015, 9 little puppies, lovingly called cookie crumbs, were born in the kennel Whippets of Classy Styrian of Ulrike und Markus. I was allowed to be part of it and even help. Of course, their birth had to be celebrated with a special cake and what topper could have fitted better than an “I ❤ cookies”-velcro-badge for a doggie harness? 😉

Since all the puppies were named after some sort of candy (Candy Cane, Cookie Dough, Chunky Monkey, Cookie Crusher, Coco Oreo, Chocolate Chip, Caramel Chew Chew, Coffee Toffee und Cini Mini), it was soon clear that every one of those little sweeties was to be represented on the cake by their respective candy, which explains why the cake is seperated into 9 parts.

krümeltorte seiten
From left to right: chocolate chip cookies for Chocolate Chip, crumble as Cookie Dough, toffifee for Coffee Toffee, oreos for Coco Oreo, cini mini für Cini Mini, chocolate bananas for Chunkey Monkey, candy canes made of fondant for Candy Cane, caramel for Caramel Chew Chew und crushed cookies for Cookie Crusher!

krümeltorte obenToday almost all the puppies moved into their new homes and start exploring the world with their great new families. And finally, I came around to share this fantastic deathy-by-chococlate cake recipe with you on my blog.

Let’s start baking!


Click to view the recipe and instructions…