How to astonish your friends with great yet simple cake designs

Österr Flaggezweimal schokoHello to all my fellow bakers out there!

Today I would like to show you three easy but amazing cake designs that you can use to pimp your next cake. I have made all three of them with my “I ❤ cookies” – Triple Chocolate Cake recipe that I shared with you in my last post, because everyone has been asking for chocolate lately. But of course any other recipe will work just as fine. 😉

No matter if you prefer healthy fruits, gravity defying candy or golden fondant, there is something for everyone and they all taste equally delicious!

Let’s start decorating!

Before you can start, of course you need a cake. You can use my Triple Chocolate Cake recipe or any other recipe from my site or simply your own favourite recipe. However, to achieve the same look you should coat your cake with dark chocolate ganache. Let the cake and ganache rest in the

Fresh and Fruity

erdbeer von obenYou will need:

  • white chocolate ganache as glaze (recipe see below: 90ml heavy whipping cream and 180g white chocolate)
  • fresh berries (here: strawberries and raspberries)
  • 200g chocolate of your choice for dipping

For the white chocolate glaze (enough for a cake with a diameter of 20cm): Pour 90ml of heavy cream into a pot and bring to a boil. Now take the pot of the heat and add the chocolate. Make sure the chocolate is completely covered with cream (jiggle the pot). Wait for 30 seconds (a bit longer if the chocolate pieces are quite big), then stir with an egg whisk until smooth. The ganache should be soft and shiny. Let the glaze cool for 5-10 minutes, then pour the hot chocolate glaze over it. Shortly before the chocolate glaze hits the edge of the cake top, stop pouring. Use a pallete knife to gently spread the glaze over the edge so it can drip down. Caution: Since the cake is very cool, the chocolate glaze sets pretty quickly. Don’t take too much time! Afterwards cool the cake in the fridge for 30 minutes.

erdbeer frontalWash the rasp- and strawberries and pad dry. If possible, don’t remove the leaves from the strawberries. Dip some of the strawberries into chocolate and allow them to dry on their heads. Attach the berries to the cake using some leftover ganache as glue. A small pyramide in the center with a few berries appearing to having randomly rolled to the side looks especially pretty. Don’t forget to put some of the berries onto your cake plate and the back of the cake as well. Done!

Gravity Defying

gravity defying ausschnittYou will need:

  • 12 packs of Smarties (or e.g. M&Ms, Maltesers …)
  • one empty Smarties pack
  • a thick drinking straw
  • leftover ganache from coating or just melted chocolate

First, stick the straw halfway into the cake where you would later like your candy to fall out of their pack (does not have to be the center). Then start sticking the Smarties onto the cake one by one thereby imitating the natural fall. Make a big mount in the middle with a few breakaways, and 2-3 waves that fall down the sides of the cake.gravity defying ausschnitt 2 Don’t forget to cover the straw with Smarties as well. It is easiest to put one row of Smarties around the straw, allow those to dry while decorating elsewhere and then coming back later for another row.

Once you are satisfied with the looks of your gravity defying cake, put it back in the frigde for another hour and you are good to go. The structure will be steady as a rock and safe to transport.

Before serving, put the empty Smarties pack on top of the straw and the illusion is complete! Your friends surely will be mesmerized by your magical cake design… 🙂

Tip: If you work with plastic wrappers (M&Ms, Maltesers), you can stuff some cotton balls into them, so they look more natural and hold up better.

Click Here for a nice youtube video made by MyCupcakeAddiction that shows the whole process of how to make a gravity defying cake.

Golden and Precious

IMG_3476You will need:

  • a cake made in a loaf pan
  • white or yellow fondant (depending on size: 200g-1kg)
  • powdered sugar or crisco, in case the fondant is sticky
  • gold spray (or golden food coloring powder)

Knead the fondant until soft and pliable. Use a silicone rolling pin to roll out the fondant on your silicone mat. If it is very hot or humid and the fondant is sticky, dust the surfaces with powdered sugar or grease with crisco.

Put the cake onto a piece of parchment paper (to prevent the gold spray from getting everywhere) and rub a damp paper towel over the surface of your cake (the wetness will secure that the fondant sticks well to the cake). Pick up the fondant with the mat and lay it on top of the cake. Pull away the mat and start smoothing the fondant. Smooth 1-2cm all around the cake and then another 1-2cm until you’ve reached the bottom. Cut off the excess fondant and generously spray with gold spray (or mix the gold powder with some alcohol and paint the whole cake with a paint brush). Peel the parchment paper off the cake and put the cake on its plate.

Lastly, imprint symbols and letters on the cake using plastic forms or fondant cutters.

Click Hier and check out a great video by bernard Tham, that shows you how to make a great gold bar cake step by step.


Have a baketastic baking day,

Your Backdirndl


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