Österr Flagge

Backdirndl is an Austrian term for baking girl and that’s what I am with all my heart. I am 24 years old, live in the beautiful Austrian province Styria and I am an official bakeaholic.

It all started on a terribly sad note in Winter 2013 with the death of my beloved grandmother. I had always enjoyed baking with her and in remembrance of her I should continue to bake and never stop again.

“Life is uncertain – Eat dessert first.”

This quote fits my beliefs just like Cream Cheese Frosting fits with Carrot Cake. Not everybody will agree with me on this, but to me nothing is certain in life – nobody can tell what a new day might bring or where the path may lead you, BUT a moist piece of cake definitely is a good start. And a homemade one even more so.

And so in 2013 my journey through the world of cupcakes, pies, cakes and tartes started. Driven by the insatiable desire to spoil my beloved ones and to try out ever new techniques, I suddenly found myself baking two times a week and still never getting enough of it. And because I slowly started to run out of people to give all my goodies to, I decided to start this blog in 2014 to create a new outlet for my baking craze.liebster award

If you want to know more about me, check out my answers for the Sweerheart-Award, which I proudly received in 2015, here! 🙂

I want to use this blog to share all my favorite recipes and projects, to receive feedback and give advice to the ones in need, to enable exchange between myself, Backdirndl, and all you bakeaholics out there.

Visit me often!

I wish you all a baketastic baking day ,

Your Backdirndl


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